10 Super Fun Games to Play Outside With Kids

Get ready to unleash the joy of the great outdoors with 10 fun games to play outside with kids.

We know that the fresh air and the freedom of the open space are the perfect playground for young adventurers.

Not only do these activities create unforgettable memories, but they also offer a myriad of benefits for our little ones.

From the fresh air filling their lungs to the sun kissing their cheeks, outdoor play is essential for their physical, social, and mental well-being.

So, let’s dive into the world of outdoor fun where endless giggles and playful shouts are just a game away!

10 Easy and Fun Games to Play Outside With Kids

I hope you enjoy this list of 10 incredibly fun games to play outside with kids.

There is nothing better for kids than letting them run, jump, play, and laugh with their friends and family through games!

1. Sharks and Minnows

This was one of my absolute favorite games growing up! This game does not require any equipment.

Start by creating boundary lines in the play area since the children will have to run across the field from line to line.

Designate one child to be the shark and have the shark stand in the middle of the playing field. The rest of the kids are minnows and they will line up on one side of the playing area.

Whenever the shark says ”minnows, minnows come out to play” the minnows must begin walking. The shark will remain still in the middle.

At some point the shark can yell ”shark attack” and the minnows can run to the opposite boundary line. The shark at this point can run after the minnows to try and catch them.

If a minnow is caught, it becomes a shark. The last minnow to survive will be the shark in the next game.

2. Kick the Can

This classic game is a great way to get your kids moving and get their adrenaline going!

All this game requires is a can/bottle and at least 4 kids.

Start by placing the can in an open area. Choose one child to be ”it” and have them stay by the can and count to 50. The remaining children will go and hide.

The child who is ”it” will then go try to find the remaining children. If a child is found and tagged they will go near the bottle and be put in ”jail”.

Any player who is still hiding can run to the bottle and kick it over to let the other players out of ”jail”.

The game is over when all the children who were hiding are in ”jail”.

3. Categories Game

This game is typically played in a pool but we are going to bring it to the land!

Start by creating 2 boundary lines on opposite sides of the field.

One person (the leader) will stand in the middle with their back facing the other children and have their eyes closed. The remaining children should be lined up on one side of the field.

The leader will announce their category of choice (colors for example) and the other children will think of a color in their head.

The leader will then begin shouting different colors (pink, blue, orange, etc.) Once a child’s color is called they will try to sneak across the field as quietly as they can.

If the leader hears movement they can open their eyes, turn around, and try to tag the kids going across to the other side of the field.

If a child is tagged, they are out of the game. Continue playing until one child remains. The last remaining child is the winner and will become the next leader.

Different categories can be shapes, ice-cream flavors, fruits, sports, cereals, etc.

4. Jump the Fire

When I was a gymnastics coach many years ago, the little gymnasts always wanted to play this game!

First, have the kids line up. About 10 feet in front of the children place two sticks about 6 inches apart. The space between these sticks is the ”fire”.

Have the children run and long jump over the fire.

Whoever successfully jumps the fire will go to the back of the line. You should increase the distance between the sticks after each child had a chance to jump the same distance.

If a child does not successfully jump over the 2 sticks, they are out.

Keep playing and increasing the distance until one child wins.


Oh the classic game of SPUD! Many adults remember this game from their childhoods.

Start by having the children gather in a circle and designate one child to stand in the middle. The children standing in the circle will be given a number.

The player in the middle must throw the ball high into the air and call out a number. As soon as the ball is thrown the children can run but whoever’s number was called must go and catch the ball and yell out ”Spud!”. When spud is called the players must freeze.

The child who caught the ball will then throw the ball to try and hit one of the players. If a player is hit they will get an -S- (each hit will give them a new letter to spell out S-P-U-D).

If the child misses the player, then the child who threw the ball will be designated to the center of the circle for the next round.

Group of kids in huddle getting ready for outdoor game

6. Simon Game With Sidewalk Calk

This is a great memory game that can also help our younger players learn their colors!

Start by creating a thick circle that has six sections. Color in the sections with six different colors using sidewalk chalk.

To begin, have your child stand in the middle of the circle. The adult should call out one color (”blue”). Have the child jump to the color blue and then jump back into the center of the circle.

Next, call out the first color and then immediately call out a second color (”blue, yellow”). The child will then jump to blue, back to the center, jump to yellow, and then back to the center.

Continue this trend until the child forgets the sequence, or until you have incorporated all the colors in the sequence.

To put a little twist on the game, switch out the colors for numbers or letters!

7. Four Square

This is a game I remember playing every day during school recess!

Start by drawing a very large square and divide that square into four smaller squares. Label these four squares A, B, C, and D. Each player will stand in a square, all facing the middle.

The player in square A is the server and they will bounce the ball in their square and then hit it into another person’s square (does not matter whose square). The player receiving the ball must immediately hit the ball into someone else’s square.

The game will continue until someone misses the ball or the ball is bounced outside of a square. The player who caused the game to stop will go to square D and the other players will advance forward and the game will start again.

The goal is to remain the server or advance to square A.

8. Freeze Tag

Freeze tag provides a fun little twist to the classic game of tag. Here is how to play the game.

Designate one or two players to be ”it”. Have the other children who are not ”it” must run and dodge to avoid being tagged by ”it”.

When a player is tagged, ”it” must yell out ”freeze!” and the player who was tagged must remain still.

Other players who are not ”it” can tap these frozen players to let them re-enter the game.

The game should be played for 3 minutes or until all the players are frozen.

9. Relay Races

I love doing relay races because of how versatile they are. It’s also a great activity if you have children of all different ages who to join in!

Start by establishing a start and finish line and divide the kids into equal teams of 3-4.

Then choose which type of race you want the kids to do. Here are some relay race ideas:

  • Animal walks
  • Pass the button
  • Running backward
  • Hoping on one leg
  • Skipping

Divide the race line into equal sections and place a child at the beginning of each section with the first child at the start line.

The child at the start line must run to the next child and tap them which allows that child to run to the next child in line. This will continue until the last child finishes the race.

10. Sardines

Sardines is a unique version of the game hide-and-seek and it is very easy to play.

Gather the children in a group and designate one child to go and hide. The remaining children should count to 30 and then go try to find the hidden child.

If a player finds the hidden person, they will hide with the child.

The last person to find the hidden child will hide in the next game.

The best way children learn is through play and playing outdoors provides children so many amazing benefits.

I hope you have enjoyed these 10 fun games to play outside with kids! Happy playing!

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