10 Amazing Balloon Activities for Kids

Balloon activities are an inexpensive and fun way to keep your kids laughing and playing for hours! These simple games can be played inside or outside, depending on the season!

Not only are they fun to play, but these 10 activities can actually be very beneficial for your child’s development.

As children play with balloons, they are developing important skills like gross motor movement and hand-eye coordination.

Child playing with balloon

10 Fun Balloon Activities for Kids

These simple balloon activities require minimal supplies and can easily be played at gatherings, in school, or at home with family and friends.

1. No Hands Keep It up

This game puts a fun little twist on the classic version of Keep the Balloon Up!

While this game is usually played using your hands to hit the ball in an upward motion, instruct your child to only use their body parts (head, shoulder, elbow, etc.) to keep the ball off the ground.

If you have a group of children playing, the last person to keep the ball up wins the game!

2. Balloon Art

There are so many amazing benefits of painting for kids. While it can get a little messy, it is totally worth it (on occasion!).

You can either have your child paint directly on the balloon, or you can use the balloon as a painting utensil.

If you choose to paint with the balloon, I suggest only blowing them up slightly so they are still squishy. It makes dapping the paint onto the paper much easier!

3. Catch The Colored Balloon

This game can either be played solo or with a group of children.

Start by blowing up a bunch of different colored balloons and place them on a bed sheet. Have the children stand close by.

On the count of three, use the bed sheet to throw the balloons into the air and yell out one color. The children must quickly try to grab that colored balloon before it touches the ground!

Children love this game and it is often met with lots of laughter!

balloon activities for kids

4. Balloon Funnel Catch

Whether you want to use a kitchen funnel or make your own using paper, this game is a must for kids!

To play, simply throw a balloon in the air and have your child try to catch it using the funnel.

You can also play a balance and coordination game by having your child walk over obstacles while balancing the balloon on the funnel.

5. Balloon Basketball

This game is very versatile as you can use anything in your home.

Simply find a laundry bin, hula-hoop, or a bucket and have your child throw the balloon into the designated basket.

Start close and move further away from the basket to make it more difficult.

6. Balloon Tennis

I love this activity because you can get super creative with what you use as a ”racket”.

To keep things simple, tape a paper plate to a large spoon. Now you have a perfect racket for tennis!

Divide the playing area down the middle with a long string and hit the balloon back and forth. Have them count the number of hits each time and encourage them to ”break their record” each game.

7. Balloon Dart Board

This activity is intended for older children who are being supervised. All you need is a large cardboard slab, balloons, tape, and some darts!

Start by blowing up a bunch of balloons (how many depends on the size of your cardboard). Tape the balloons to the cardboard slab and then have your kids take turns throwing darts to try and pop the balloons.

This is a super fun balloon activity and even adults can get involved in the game!

balloon activities - balloon darts

8. Balloon Release Competition

Young kids absolutely love to play this game!

Line the kids up and give them a blown-up balloon that isn’t tied.

Have the children hold the balloon tight and then count to three and have them release their balloon! Whoever’s balloon travels the farthest wins the competition.

9. Balloon Treasure Hunt

What kid doesn’t love a good treasure hunt? While this does take a bit of setup time, it is well worth the fun!

Start by placing 5-10 balloons in different hiding spots. Inside the first balloon write on a small piece of paper a clue to help them find the next balloon. Continue this until the kids are brought to the final balloon which will be next to the treasure.

10. Balloon Battle

This activity is a great way to help your children develop balance, coordination, and agility.

Provide each child a balloon and a meter-length string. Have them tie the balloon to the string and then around one ankle.

The goal of this game is to avoid getting your balloon popped. When the game starts encourage the kids to run and stomp on each others’ balloons. The last balloon standing is the winner!

I hope you have enjoyed these 10 balloon activities for kids! Let me know which one you enjoyed the most!

Happy playing!

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