Hi, my name is Addy and I am a mom to one little boy and a wife to an amazing hubby! I am so happy you have found this page!

I would like to help you by providing super easy, fun, and cheap playtime activities for you and your little ones! Raising children is expensive, but playtime doesn’t have to be! I am here to help those moms (and dads!) who also don’t want to spend a ton of money on a toy your child is going to play with once. I will help by giving you developmentally appropriate playtime ideas just by using supplies in and around your home!

I am really good at arts and crafts! When I was a kid my mother (a former preschool teacher) always had different creative activities set up for us. That creativity has stuck with me throughout my adult life. Doing these crafts with my mother and siblings are some of my fondest memories as a child. I hope you can create those same memories with your little ones!

As a registered nurse and a mother, I am extremely passionate about the health and well-being of all children. Throughout my nursing career, I have learned just how important play-based learning is. I have made it my mission to create a play-based learning environment to help my child grow and develop through each stage of his life. I hope you are able to find the inspiration here to do the same with your children!

About Me

  1. My passion is helping people – why I became a registered nurse!
  2. I have another bachelor’s degree in Public Health (but, I have never used it!)
  3. I am currently trying to learn the Greek language
  4. My husband and I have goats, sheep, and chickens
  5. I love waking up early and drinking my coffee before everyone wakes up
  6. Since I was a child I have always wanted a big family
  7. I love planning cheap travel trips
  8. I hang my laundry out to dry instead of using a dryer
  9. I absolutely love anything chocolate
  10. My favorite workouts are HIIT workouts
  11. My family is my world and I’ll do anything for them

I hope you find as much joy in this blog as I have found in creating it! ~ Addy 🙂