11 Quiet Games for Kids (No Supplies Required!)

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or caregiver having a couple quiet games for kids that you can rely on during certain times of the day can be really helpful!

While this may seem like a difficult task, these 11 quiet games are a great way to keep your kids busy and entertained in a relaxed environment!

While some of these are classic games you might have played growing up, others may be new and exciting for your kids.

quiet activities for kids

11 Fun Quiet Games for Kids

Half of these games can be played in complete silence, while the other half require minimal talking. Pick whichever games best suit your quiet time needs!

I hope you will enjoy these 11 quiet games for kids!

1. Museum Statues

Start by designating one child to be the museum guard. The other children will be the statues.

Have the guard leave the room for 20 seconds. When the guard returns, the other children must pretend to be statues at the museum.

The guard will walk around the room examining the statues. If any children smile, laugh, or move they must quietly sit down.

The last child to break character wins the game.

2. Heads Up, Seven Up

This game was one of my favorites growing up! My teacher always turned the lights off to play which made it even more relaxing.

Start by selecting 7 kids to the front of the room (can be less depending on how many kids you have). Have the rest of the children put their heads down with one hand on the desk.

Have the 7 children secretly go and tap one child each. If a child is tapped they must put their thumb up without looking at who tapped them.

Once 7 children have been tapped, have all the children lift up their heads. Each child who was tapped must guess who tapped them. If they guess right then they will switch places with that player.

3. Quiet Follow the Leader

We all know the game Follow the Leader. Let’s put a little spin on it and make it a silent activity!

Select one child to go to the front of the room to be the leader. Allow them to do whatever movements they want. They can smile, jump, spin, or even flap their arms like a duck!

The other children in the classroom must follow what the leader does but in silence. Whoever laughs or talks must sit down and they are out of the game!

Quiet activities for kids - kids playing follow the leader

4. Find the Hidden Object

This game is very simple yet kids love to play it!

Star by having the kids close their eyes while you hide an object in the room. Give the children 3 minutes to find the hidden object. They must be silent during their search.

If the children have not found the object within 3 minutes you can either provide them with a clue or hide the object in a different place.

5. Doggie Doggie, Where’s Your Bone?

This game is definitely a fan favorite among children.

Designate two children to stand at the front of the room. Have one child face the wall while the other child faces the rest of the kids.

The child facing the rest of the kids will then take the “bone” (can be any object) and hide it in one student’s desk.

The students will then say “Doggie Doggie, where’s your bone?”. The child facing the wall will turn around and examine the room. That child has 3 guesses to figure out who has the bone.

If the child guesses correctly, they will switch places with the child who has the bone.

If they do not guess correctly, then the game will restart with 2 new students at the front.

6. Rock, Paper, Scissors Bracket Competition

We all love the classic game of rock, paper, scissors, so why not make it into a competition? Since the game only uses the players’ hands, encourage them to remain silent.

Have the students gather into pairs to play rock, paper, scissors. They should play best of 3. After this round half of the children will be eliminated.

Pair up the winners with each other to play another round of best of 3. Continue eliminating and repairing until you have one final winner.

This is also a great way to play thumb wars!

7. Telephone

The game of telephone is a great listening activity and since you have to whisper to play it is also a great quiet game for kids!

Start by having the kids sit in a circle. Have the first child think of a phrase to whisper to the child sitting next to them. The child receiving the message will then whisper it to the next child in line.

When the last child in the circle gets the message they will say the message out loud. Many times this game is met will laughter and giggles as the phrase seems to change in passage.

8. Ninja Hand Game

I am not sure where this game originated from but it is so much fun to play! Even as an adult, I enjoy playing this game!

The goal of the game is to strike the person’s hand who is standing next to you.

Have the children gather in a circle standing up with the palms of their hands together at their chest. On the count of three have each child take one step back striking a “ninja pose”.

The child who said the countdown will start the game. That player can then make one swift motion (not a series of motions) to try and tap the person’s hands next to them. They can try to attack the person on the right or the left of them.

The person being attacked can make one swift movement to avoid the attack (again not a series of movements).

If the child ”being attacked” is hit in the arm (below the elbow) they are out of the game. If they managed to avoid the attack then it is their turn to make a move. They can now choose to attack the person to the right or left of them.

The children must remain still and quiet until it is their turn to make their move.

9. Silent Ball

I really like this game because even though it is a quiet activity, it helps children develop their hand-eye coordination.

Simply have the children stand in a circle. Have the kids pass the ball to whoever they wish. It can be the child next to them, or across from them.

If the child drops the ball, makes a bad pass, or begins talking or laughing then they are out.

Quiet activities for kids - silent ball

10. Four Corners

Four Corners is a great quiet activity especially if you are in a classroom!

Start by labeling the four corners of the room. You can label the corners with letters, colors, or even numbers.

Then, gather all the children in the center of the room and write down the designated labels on four different pieces of paper (if you designate the corners with letters then write A, B, C, and D on different pieces of paper and hold them).

On the count of three have the kids walk to any corner they choose. At random, hold up one piece of paper. If the paper shows the letter D then the children who are in the corner must sit down quietly. The remaining children will go back to the center of the room

Repeat this process until one child is left.

11. Wink Murder Game

This game is designed for older children but I had to include it in the list because it is so much fun!

Have the children sit in a circle with their eyes closed. Assign one child as the murderer by going and tapping them on the shoulder.

Have the children open their eyes, and verbally assign one child to be the detective.

On the count of three the murderer will begin winking directly at the other children to try and get them out of the game. If a child is winked at they must lie down.

The murderer should be very careful when winking, to not get caught by the detective. When the detective realizes who the murderer is, they will say their name out loud.

The game ends when a murderer is found, or when all the children are lying down.

I hope you enjoy these 11 quiet games for kids! If you’re in the mood for more games, check out these 10 fun games to play outside with kids!

Happy Playing! 🙂

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