The 12 Best Holiday Gifts For Toddlers in 2022

So the holidays are getting close, and you’re trying to find the perfect gift for your toddler. Well, look no further! I have hand-picked a list of my top 12 favorite toddler toys that will keep your toddler busy for hours. I know gift shopping can be a daunting task. I hope this guide gives you some inspiration for the approaching holiday season.

What Are The Best Toddler Toys

The best toddler toys are ones that allow your child to be creative! We call these “open-ended toys” because they allow your child to take the lead and use their imagination.

Pretend-play or make-believe play is critical for childhood development. Here is a short article from Scientific America that explains the benefits of this type of play.

Open-ended toys, like train tracks or play food sets, help your child develop and explore the world around them. They also learn critical skills like problem-solving, communication, and self-regulation.

If you are interested in learning more about how kids learn through play, be sure to check out this article!

Why You Should Be Picky About Your Toddler’s Toys

While some toys, like open-ended toys, create a wonderful play environment for your child, others can actually hinder their development.

It may surprise you that many “popular” toys are just major marketing schemes. Some electronic toys, for example, have been shown to impede a child’s language development even though they are marketed as “educational”.

While I believe these toys have a time and a place (like if you are in dire need of a shower!), I would encourage you to buy toys that will help your child thrive!

The 12 Best Toddler Toys For The Holidays

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Cubbie Lee Wooden Building Blocks Set

This is first on my list because I truly believe building blocks are the ultimate toddler toy. Cubbie Lee’s blocks are made in the USA and they are the safest, most durable, and affordable blocks in the market right now! Check out my full review here!

BABLOCVID Magnetic Drawing Board

Typically, I wouldn’t recommend toys that encourage kids to write so early, BUT my sister has 5 children under 7 years old and she said this is THE MOST played with toy in her household. Therefore, it is number 2 on my list!

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Calculator Cash Register

This is an amazing toy to inspire pretend play. I love everything about this register, from the built-in calculator to the real-looking money. Definitely a great gift for any toddler!

Learning Resources New Sprouts Deluxe Market Set

Learning Resources has the best play food sets! They are very soft, durable, and realistic! This is also a great gift to combine with the cash register or toddler kitchen!

Hape Play Kitchen for Toddlers

I highly recommend this simple yet amazing play kitchen! I really like how it comes with various accessories, unlike other Hape kitchen sets. I am certain this will keep your kid entertained for hours!

Brio Wooden Train Track Set

This is the BEST toy set if you’re looking for longevity. My mother bought a wooden Brio train track set for my oldest sister when she was 5 months old. All of us (her kids) played with it, and now all of her grandkids play with it! Absolutely amazing product!

Tigerhu Kids Pretend Play Set of Doctor Toys

As a nurse, I can tell you this is the best play medical set on the market! I love how the stethoscope actually works! Major bonus ~ playing with this set may help your child overcome their fear of going to the doctor!

Linzy Hobby Horse

I know this doesn’t seem like much of a toy, BUT to a horse-loving toddler, it is everything. I had this toy when I was a child and I played with it every day for years!

MEGA BLOKS 80-Piece Building Blocks 

There is a reason this toy set has 44,173 five-star reviews on amazon! It’s fun, engaging, and super great for toddler development. This is a staple toy set in many households.

Hape All-in-One Wooden Kid’s Art Easel 

If you are looking for that “big gift” this is it! This easel inspires so much creativity, and it can be used for years to come! It has a magnetic whiteboard, a blackboard, and a paper roll for painting or drawing!

Battat Stacking Cups

These stacking cups are amazing, and they are so versatile. I bought these for my son when he was 5-months old, and he still plays with them to this day. You can stack them, use them during bath time, or even take them to the beach! A major bonus ~ they are under $10!

Battat Big Red Barn Animal Farm Playset

This is a great toy farm set that encourages pretend play. I believe this brand is far superior to its expensive competitors. You can also purchase additional animals and accessories here.

Common Questions / Frequently Asked Questions About Gifts For Toddlers

Toddlers love gifts that allow them to engage in pretend play. Toys like cash registers or play food sets are really great gifts for this age. Make-believe play is essential for your toddler’s development. It will help them learn critical skills like problem-solving, communication, and self-regulation.

Buying toy sets like barn animals or a medical supply kit are great options for toddlers who have everything. They can use these new additions to create different scenarios with their existing toys. I would avoid trendy items that flash or require batteries as these tend to be “one-and-done” toys.

Toddlers thrive with two types of toys: building/construction toys and pretend play toys. Things like building blocks will help to develop those fine motor skills, whereas things like a barn animal farm set will help develop those social and emotional skills through pretend play.


Whether you are looking for that “big gift” or small fun gifts, I hope this guide can help you on your holiday shopping journey!

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