The 10 Best Toys for Toddlers in 2022

Finding toys for toddlers can be extremely overwhelming. I find myself searching for hours and even days to pick the best one! When I say “the best one” I don’t mean the most expensive toy in the market – I am talking about the one that will help my child develop to their maximum potential.

What are the best toys?

The absolute best toy a toddler can have is one that allows them to be creative and use their imagination. When buying toys, I look for certain criteria:

  • Longevity – I want my kids to be able to play with it for years to come
  • Versatility- I want them to use their creativity to play with the toy in many different ways
  • Educational – I love toys with letters, colors, numbers, etc.
  • Noise-free – I don’t like noisy toys because they don’t allow for imagination, and they limit social interactions

Why you should save your $$$ and avoid “one and done” toys

Let me tell you a super quick story – My brother (who is 13 years younger than me) was absolutely obsessed with toys and games when he was a toddler (and he still is!). My grandmother always bought him “one and done” flashing/singing toys. He notoriously played with these once and never touched them again. What he did play with EVERY SINGLE DAY (for years) was this 20-year-old train track set that my mother bought for my oldest sister when she was 5 months old.

Moral of the story: Toys that allow for creativity and imagination (like a train track set) are far more valuable than a toy that will sing, dance, and flash a bunch of lights.

The best toys to help your toddler grow and learn

Here, I have created a list of my top 10 favorite toys that inspire play, imagination, and creativity! I hope you are able to find something that suits you and your little one!

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Cubbie Lee Wooden Building Blocks Set

I believe building blocks are the ultimate toddler toy. Cubbie Lee’s blocks are made in the USA and they are the safest, most durable, and affordable blocks in the market right now! Check out my full review here!

Learning Resources Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set 

This is definitely a favorite of mine! I love all the different learning opportunities that are packed into this sorting set. The quality is unbeatable and the fruits and veggies are very well-detailed.

SainSmart Wooden ABC Blocks 

Building blocks are arguably the best learning tool you could give a child. They can be used for building, sorting, ABCs, counting, and so much more! I truly believe these are the best building blocks in the market right now.

Battat Stacking Cups

These stacking cups are amazing, and they are so versatile. You can stack them, use them during bath time, or even take them to the beach! A major bonus ~ they are under $10!

Coogam Wooden Magnetic Fishing Game

I don’t know a toddler that doesn’t love a fishing game! It’s great for improving hand-eye coordination, colors, and ABCs! There are two fishing poles so it is a great game to do together or with siblings and friends.

LeapFrog Phonics Magnetic Letter Set

I know I said I like noise-free, BUT this toy has been amazing. It helps children learn the alphabet and all the sounds each letter makes. Bonus ~ the letters are removable magnets, so it is like getting 2 toys in 1! I highly recommend this learning tool!

Brio Wooden Train Track Set

This is the BEST toy set if you’re looking for longevity. My mother bought a wooden Brio train track set for my oldest sister when she was 5 months old. All of us (her kids) played with it, and now all of her grandkids play with it! Absolutely amazing product!

Coogam Matching Eggs Set

This egg set is so versatile! It’s super practical which kids love, and it helps with colors, shapes, symbols, counting, and fine motor skills. What else could you need in a toy?!

Coogam Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Set

Puzzles are a wonderful learning tool for toddlers. They are great for cognitive and fine motor development! I also love how vibrant and durable Coogam has made these puzzle sets.

Farm Animal Finger Puppets & Barn Toy

This farm set allows for so much creative and imaginative play, which is vital for cognitive development in toddlers. It’s also a great bonding tool as you can make up fun stories while playing with the finger puppets.

Common Questions / Frequently Asked Questions About Best Toys for Toddlers

The most beneficial toys for toddlers are the ones that allow for free and creative play. Building blockstrain track setspuppets, etc., are excellent toys to help children with cognitive and motor development. 

A 2-year-old should be playing with open-ended toys to spark imagination and creativity. These toys are typically things like building blocks, magnetic games, and toy foods. Playing with these types of toys will help to develop critical thinking skills, hand-eye coordination, and basic life skills.

Currently, the most popular toy for toddlers is the Fisher-Price Toy Gift Set with Rock-a-Stack Ring Stacking Toy. This toy set is cheap, educational, and super versatile. There is a reason this toy has over 39,000 5-star reviews on amazon!

The last thing you need to know about toddler toys.

Playtime isn’t about having the most expensive toys in the market, it’s about finding toys that will spark the most creativity and imagination.

If you are looking for cheap and easy playtime activities for toddlers, be sure to check out this article!

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