Cubbie Lee Premium Wooden Building Blocks Set: What You Need To Know (Complete Review)

If you are looking to buy a set of building blocks, you have probably figured out that there are many different brands of building blocks in the market. My personal favorite is the Cubbie Lee Premium Wooden Building Blocks Set and here is why.

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Cubbie Lee Wooden Building Blocks Set At A Glance


  • Excellent quality and durability ~ USA made
  • Smooth sanded surfaces to prevent injury
  • Affordable ~ 100 pieces for under $30


  • Smaller block size compared to other brands
  • Some reports of the blocks being slippery

Key Takeaway

Cubbie Lee’s wooden building block set is far superior to other brands simply due to the quantity, quality, and safety they have to offer.

Why should you listen to me?

I am a huge supporter of learning through playtime, and I firmly believe that building blocks are the ultimate developmental toy for babies and toddlers.

Building blocks provide so many benefits to young children. They help to improve motor development, critical thinking skills, and even social skills if playing with other children.

I was researching for weeks to find the best and safest building block set for my son. I even ordered and return one block set that looked good online but didn’t live up to my expectations. I finally landed on Cubbie Lee’s which I truly believe to be the best overall set in the market right now.

Let’s talk about Safety!

I really love Cubbie Lee Toy Company because they are up to date on all the child safety standards and they are made in the USA!

These blocks are made from quality juniper wood which has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, and the paint they use is non-toxic and free from lead, sulfate, and other harmful chemicals.

Safety is my number one priority and these blocks are definitely live up to my standards!

Let’s talk about Quality!

The quality and durability of these blocks are top-of-the-line. The sanded smooth edges and the gloss paint job just add to the quality of these blocks.

Even though they have been thrown around and chewed on for a very long time, the quality has remained intact. The durability of these blocks is absolutely amazing.

Cubbie Lee Wooden Building Blocks Set Pricing

Amazon and Sears both sell the Cubbie Lee Wooden Building Blocks Set. Currently, they both have the same pricing. I bought from Amazon because I love their quick delivery times and their free return policy!

Cubbie Lee Wooden Building Blocks Set Competitors

If you’re looking into buying a wooden block toy set then you have probably looked into the famous Melissa & Doug Wooden Block Set.

I have stayed clear of the Melissa & Doug building blocks simply because they are dangerous! I have heard from several people that the wooden blocks tend to chip or crack. The last thing I want is a choking incident or splinter injury! Cubbie Lee’s blocks are sanded and painted very nicely to prevent this type of occurrence.

Who is Cubbie Lee Wooden Building Blocks Set right for?

This is absolutely the perfect wooden block set if you are looking for affordable blocks with top-of-the-line quality and durability.

While there are cheaper, and more expensive sets out there, I have found these blocks to have the best quality and quantity for the price.

Who should avoid Cubbie Lee Wooden Building Blocks Set Blocks?

You should avoid this product if you’re looking for a set with big wooden blocks. While Cubbie Lee’s overall qualities are far superior to other block sets, some people have opted for a different brand simply due to their preference for bigger blocks.

If you are looking for a set with bigger blocks, I can highly recommend Lewo’s Wooden Block Set from amazon. These blocks are larger and have excellent quality, but you only get 32 pieces for the same price as the Cubbie Lee’s 100-piece block set.


I highly recommend the Cubbie Lee Premium Wooden Building Blocks Set. I love how safe, durable, and affordable they are. This is a classic toy that will last a lifetime!

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